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4 Tips For Choosing A Capable Real Estate Agent

Dealing with the stresses of buying or selling a home can be taxing on your body and mind. Choosing the ideal real estate agent can ease your anxieties and calm your fears about if you will be able to make a deal and find your dream home. Do thorough due diligence both online and offline to identify a professional, capable agent who will fit your most pressing needs. Patiently uncover their track record and work your neighborhood to see who the real movers and shakers are in that area.

Ask the Proper Questions

Ask how many deals the real estate agent completed last year to get a feel for their track record. Zero in on your area of interest; if the agent closed deals related to the neighborhood you are shopping in and the price range you are working with all the better. Ask how the real estate agent will strategize and prioritize your needs to best serve you. Separating the good from great agents takes time and patience. Pepper your prospective real estate agent with as many pertinent questions as possible to find the right person for the job.

Speak to Multiple Agents

One glaring mistake made by many home shoppers is cutting the interview process short after speaking to one agent. You have no idea of how an agent can help you unless you can use other agents as a benchmark against which you can measure a real estate agent’s performance. Patiently interview multiple agents to spot patterns and compare real estate agents to one another. Speak to at least 3 agents since buying or selling a home will almost certainly be the most pivotal financial decision of your life. Make sure the agent is familiar with inspections, negotiation, financing, appraisals and all technicalities related to real estate.

Complete Strict Due Diligence

Hit the pavement to do your homework. Review sale signs in your prospective neighborhood to see if one company seems to have a stranglehold on the area. Check for marketing materials and fliers to see who is doing the majority of the buying or selling in a specific community. Check out if you are seeing “Sold” signs pop up after weeks or even days, or more importantly, not at all. Visit open houses to soak up the real estate available and overall presentation of the real estate agent. Observe agents in a casual setting to see them in action. Watch how they interact with potential buyers or sellers to see their level of confidence and friendliness.

Communicate Effectively

Buyers and sellers typically complain about lack of communication with real estate agents. Get on the same page by setting communication expectations from the beginning of your relationship. Decide the frequency with which the real estate agent will notify you about any important news regarding your situation. Gauge your individual preferences. Agents who prefer to communicate via email might be poor matches with people who want to communicate on the telephone. Other agents might offer updates every 2 weeks yet you feel the need to receive daily updates about your property. Be picky because finding the perfect match often makes the difference between moving real estate or failing to buy or sell.

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