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4 Tips for Choosing an Apartment

Prospective apartment owners can save themselves money and reduce stress levels associated with home ownership. By paying a set rent each month you can cede responsibility to apartment managers and superintendents for repairs and other jobs that homeowners need to worry about and pay for.

Avoid any unhappy situations by doing strict due diligence throughout your apartment research campaign. Build a watch list of potential apartments. Set up appointments to thoroughly examine both the interior of the apartment and the exterior of the complex. If you see a series of red flags cross the apartment off of your list and move on to your next potential home.

Do a Thorough Run Down of the Apartment Exterior

Check out the exterior of your prospective apartment complex. Look for trimmed hedges, neat lawns, and good landscaping. Stay away from apartment complexes with weeds growing out of cracks in the sidewalk or trash on balconies. Make sure your neighbors take pride in maintaining clean apartments. Beware loud barking from dogs or curtains being replaced by blankets on windows. Also, assess the parking situation. Ensure that you will be able to find parking at any time of the day.

List Requirements

What do you most value in an apartment?  Assess your demands for square footage, solid maintenance, and management, flexible in relocating, a good neighborhood, small up-front costs, luxuries like a sauna or swimming pool and the distance to your place of employment. Be picky to find a perfect fit for your needs. If you note that the complex fails too many requirements on your checklist move on to the next apartment you have selected for your watch list.

Arrive on Time to Your Appointment

Allow for enough time to reach your appointment. Research online for directions and call to verify the location of the apartment complex. Display your trustworthiness by dressing professionally. It is as important for you to make a positive impact as it is for the apartment to impress you in return. Be nice to the manager. Extend your courtesy to make yourself memorable. If you are courteous and pleasant to the manager you might leapfrog the competition and land your ideal apartment quickly. Make a strong impression by being prompt and polite.

Interview Managers over the Phone

Narrow down your apartment watch list by calling each apartment with a list of questions. For example, if the apartment does not allow pets or no apartments or available in the complex you can automatically cross the choice off of your list. Share if you have a pet, when you want to move and your desired price range. By being honest and upfront you can easily pare down your list and focus on good matches.  If the apartment seems to match your needs inquire into setting up an appointment. Ask if you can check out available apartments and inquire into which times you can visit the complex. Check to see if you can assess the outside of the unit to get an idea for your views from the apartment. Set up appointments in close proximity to save yourself time.

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