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5 Tips For Buying Hot Tubs For Your Home

Points to Ponder Over While Buying Residential Hot Tubs:

No doubt everyone enjoys the hot tub bath daily at home or a spa for therapeutic purposes.  The swirling water aids in soaking and massaging sore muscles and painful joints through the bubbling water coming from under and around the seats.  Of course, the residential hot tubs can conventionally be installed under the hot tub shell itself.  Generally, the bucket seats and lay-down loungers are confined to the hot tubs at homes.  The guidelines while installing a hot tub at home would facilitate in choosing the right hot tub for your home.

Jets and Pumps

A hot tub at home would require only one two jets per seat.  You should remember that you will have to spend more money for more jets.  As the number of jets increase, the pumps also need augmentation proportionately.  The capacity of the pumps also needs to be enhanced for ensuring efficiency.  The Jets also get plugged requiring more maintenance cost.

While choosing the pump size, the gallon per minute flow should be checked.  The ideal motor of the pump for a residential hot tub would generally be of 48 frame high-performance pumps with 2 horsepower motors. Some of the gullible customers might be misled by the hot pump manufacturers label that the pumps are of 4 HP or even 5 HP indicating the high performance or hydrotherapy, but mislead the customers as horsepower.

Heater Type

The recommended voltage is of single phase operating at 120 or 130 volts available in 2, 3 and 4.5 KW sizes.

Despite the availability of alternative gas heaters and hot water heat exchangers, it is generally accepted that the low initial cost of electrical heaters combined with ease of integration into the hot tub control system is a better choice for all practical purposes.

The magnetic starters, contactors, timers are not be missed out while opting for the equipment.  These are not additional equipment but as a safety measure.

The material of Hot Tub

Conventionally, the hot tub was made of a wooden wine cask, though other wood used may be redwood, cedar, cypress, oak or teak depending upon the choice.  The constant soaking of the wood makes the tub watertight.

You can opt for the acrylic sheet for commercial hot tubs which are thicker than the material residential models.  The extra layer of fiberglass reinforcement ensures that they withstand the continuous and rigorous use.

Dimensions Size

The general depth of the hot tubs would be four feet with a diameter of five to six feet with a length of 12 feet.  You should keep in mind that four adults can be comfortable with the standard size of 5’ x 4’ hot tub.  This size hot tub could be able to hold 500 gallons of water.


While the redwood or cypress tub is priced about $2000, the hot tubs of oak or the teak wood would be expensive. You should remember that the cheaper variety of wood might leak or splinter away earlier than other material.  The cost of additional expenses towards the support equipment and installation also add to the total cost.

The accepted life of the hot tub is about 15 years.  There your choice made by you should be on well-founded information so that you do not regret at a later date.

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