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Build Your Own Solar Panel System

Those who use alternative energy sources such as solar panels are able to benefit from their independence from the grid. No food going bad in the fridge, no sitting in the dark for them.

Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank, it has been reported that electricity consumption and production has consistently expanded, resulting in increased load on the system is not designed for such a large load, which means that many people are turning to solar panels for security as well as financial reasons and the environment

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Solar power is the power of "green" and renewable and does not emit harmful carbon dioxide, which means it is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Close to 3,000 pounds of CO2 per year could be saved by a typical home solar energy system, which works out to about 30 tonnes over its lifetime.

It's clean, green technology will be the core of the industrial revolution to the next, according to Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth.

The use of solar power drastically reduces the cost of electricity, and this is one of the most common reasons for choosing it. Federal and state governments offer solar incentives, which help to offset the initial cost of solar energy systems.

Energy Policy Act provides two ways for a given solar energy tax credit from the federal government. Solar energy rebates are also offered by more than 50% of US states.

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