Decor Considerations when Renting Office Space

The primary concern for businesses seeking office space to rent is usually location and whilst this is extremely important, there are other factors to consider. Namely how the offices are laid out and decorated – these factors can make or break the level of productivity from your staff. People in office based jobs tend to spend as much, if not more time in the office, than they do in bed. This means that you need your office to be a comfortable and pleasing place to be, as well as somewhere plenty of work gets done.


Try to seek out an office which already has plants in place. Plenty of lush plants will improve the air purity and also create a peaceful room. Staff who work in offices with plenty of greenery are thought to be happier and more productive. Serviced offices usually have the plants fed and watered for you, so you won’t even need to worry about them. Plants to look out for include the Areca Palm, the Lady Palm and the Rubber Plant; all three rate highly in terms of air purification, plus they look very pretty too.


When you look around an office, try to get the sense of space. The last thing you need is for employers to feel like caged hens. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to huge open office space, places which have plenty of windows and light will feel bigger and brighter.


The ddcor of a serviced office will usually be perfect for most needs. When companies create offices to rent out they research thoroughly as to what works best and you can expect them to have a neutral yet pleasing ddcor. That said, do check first as you want a light, bright office, not a gloomy dark one.


Check that the office has the right furniture for you. Office furniture doesn’t tend to come in extreme styles so you can expect any rented office space to provide functional and comfortable furniture which doesn’t draw too much attention or offend the eye. Modular furniture which has more than one function may be very useful if you expect to be hosting plenty of meetings and expanding or changing in the near future.

Brand Image

If you expect clients and affiliates to be visiting the office then think about what decor might best reflect your image. The inside of an office will usually be suitable for a range of businesses but some brands are better suited to a period building whilst others are more suited to sleek, modern design. Some companies require a smart, corporate look to the office which demonstrates they mean business, whilst other companies will benefit from a more cosy or even artsy decor.

The way your office looks will have a big effect on how your staff work, on their morale and on the way clients view your brand. Whilst rented office space tends to be well decorated and up to date, do look out for a sense of space, plenty of plants and whether the furniture and decor work for you.

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