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Elderberry Can Boost Immune System in winter

The immune system is often overworked when the days get shorter and the temperature begins to drop, and elderberry can boost the immune system in winter for those who find themselves vulnerable to all colds, flu and other viral infections that seem to come out of the wood at a time that.

Elderberry is a fruit of the old tree that comes from Asia, Europe, and North America. They are found almost everywhere because of their tolerance for a variety of climates and soil types and are often found by the riverbank.

Elderberry Can Boost Immune System in winter

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There are several different types of parents, either in the form of small trees and shrubs, and it is the people with black and blueberries are medicinally useful, not those with red berries.

It is not only the fruit used, but also the old flowers. Elderflower wine has long been a favorite country wine, and berries are used to make jams, cakes and drunk as juice.

Elder has been used for many years countless to treat viral diseases such as influenza and colds, and also has been found by some to be effective for the treatment of cold sores.

Its effect on the flu is considered that prevents the virus and infects cells of the body, but more on this later. Historically, it has been used to promote the excretion of waste products through urination and sweating, which may be another reason why effective against colds and flu and some common respiratory problems. Juice contains anthocyanins in the form of anthocyanidin-3-glycosides which seems highly bioavailable to the body.

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