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Emergency Shelters and Medical Treatment

Emergency shelters are erected for people who are suddenly rendered homeless due to a natural disaster or due to any other cause.

The easiest and fastest emergency shelters that can be setup very fast are tents. International agencies like UNHCR, ICRC, etc. have stocks of tents placed all over the world and are set up in case of a natural disaster occurring. You can browse to know more about the disaster recovery effort.

These tents are air lifted and set in a safe place in an emergency area. Emergency shelter has become known as the tent city as there can be hundreds of families living in these tent cities.

Other basic facilities should also be made available to people living in emergency shelters. Water, food and sanitation are the main requirements of the people who migrated to emergency shelters.

In addition to this, they need clothes, blankets, utensils and hygiene kits. People may come to emergency shelters without worldly possessions and not even a change of clothes or even shoes. People leave their home because of an emergency and a shift to a makeshift camp. They only escaped with their lives when an emergency.

People come to the emergency-because they had to flee in panic. A number of people were injured while escaping and the first thing they need is medical treatment.

To provide the medical-care emergencies you have different types of medical-emergency care team. In a state of emergency in the town, city or other populated areas paramedics were called to provide the first step of medical treatment.

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