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Hardwood Floor Finish for Visual Appeal

There are about nine different types of finish available for hardwood flooring. It's very important to protect your flooring now, especially if you have kids or pets because it will ensure that the attractiveness and value will be kept for several years to come.

Oil modified urethanes are the most frequent oil-based and resin mix floor finishes which produce a durable surface that's also moisture resistant. These kinds of end become amber in color with age and can come in a variety of levels of sheen to your flooring. Some Companies also provide world-class hardwood floor refinishing services in Chicago, which is very cost-effective for everyone.

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Moisture based urethane cures with a unique chemical process that occurs with humidity and offers an extremely durable finish. Water-based urethanes are often more expensive but offer equal or higher quality finishes to those of petroleum altered and moisture-cured urethanes while providing a quicker drying interval milder odor.

These won't protect the floor very well but do help to reduce moisture absorption and other kinds of wood damage that happens naturally. Varnishes were in use before urethanes were introduced to the hardwood flooring finishing market.

Penetrating sealers use oils that float deep into the wood and provide more protection from damage and moisture. Wax can be used to coat these kinds of floor finishes to find a better shine and better protect the floors from harm.

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