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How to Burglar Proof Your Home

With the crime rate on the constant increase, one can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of his/her own home. Burglars are always on the lookout for houses and apartments to break into and unfortunately, the police can’t always be there on time to prevent the crime. If the very owners don’t take enough precautions for protecting their home, they should blame no one else but themselves for what might happen. There are ways of keeping even the most experienced burglars out of your home, without breaking the family bank. Consider the following tips.

If you want burglars never to decide to enter your home at all, make it look unappealing to them. This idea has many different aspects, but in its very foundation, it is exactly what it sounds like – your house has to be the least appealing on the block. Basically, your family income is nobody else’s business but yours. Even if your salary is above the average level, try exposing this as little as possible.

After all, burglars decide to break into houses which give out signs that inside there are things worth stealing. For example, never take out and leave next to the trash cans the boxes of the new electronic devices you just bought (be it a flat screen TV or a new stereo system). Rather keep them in your garage until garbage day. If you own a nice new car, keep in the driveway as little as possible. Once you get home, drive it directly into the garage.

Do not give away that you are not at home. If you are to be absent from your home, take all your mail from the mailbox. Whoever gets hold of it can retrieve valuable information about what is going on in your household and most importantly, know that you are not home. As a matter of fact, it would be best to completely remove your name from the mailbox. Nowadays, with the help of the world wide web one can easily find your phone number so that s/he could call and find out whether you are home or not. And last, but definitely not least, light up your house.

Ward the burglars off by installing motion-sensor lighting. As their name suggests, they light up once they sense even the slightest movement and are pretty bright. Also, when you are away, keep a couple of lights inside the house on. This will fool the burglars that you are at home. To achieve the same effect, you can even leave the radio or TV on.

If, despite all the aforementioned efforts, some burglars decide to raid your home, make it difficult for them to get in. Consider alarm systems and tough glass. Sure, alarm systems are rather expensive, but if you live in a neighborhood with the high crime rate and feel threatened, they are a must. You can get an efficient and reliable system for approximately $50 to $100 a month. Some systems could even be controlled from a distance from your mobile phone. You can also install security and safety window films. They make the glass very hard to smash and can even prevent the intruders from getting in.

And if the worst case scenario does occur and the burglars manage to enter your house, do your best to give them a hard time. They are supposed to get in and out of the house as quickly as possible, so make it difficult for them to find what they are looking for. Hide all your valuables in hard to find places like fake wall outlets or hollowed-out books. Same goes for car keys and keys to other rooms which may contain valuable objects. List the serial numbers of all your expensive electronic devices.

If they get stolen and you report that to the police and provide these serial numbers, the burglars will find it impossible to sell the stolen items on the black market. Not only that but, just like car registration plates, these serial numbers could help the police track down the stolen devices if the burglars try to sell them.

And finally, if you plan to leave the town for an extended period of time, notify your local police department. Some departments keep a ‘vacant house list’ and will drive by from time to time to check if your property is out of harm’s way.

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