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How to Run a Performance Review as a Project Manager?

Many project managers are afraid to give performance reviews as much as they are afraid to give a presentation.

Why is that? Well, most of our time in project management is spent on building and building relationships to get things done, so when we have to give performance reviews, it is very uncomfortable to evaluate the performance of trusted team members, whether we give good or bad news.

For this reason, I want to share five steps that you can apply in your next performance review to achieve greater results.

When I think of performance reviews, I think of sports, because sports team members work together for the same results, to win.

Similarly, a performance review is all about learning how to support someone so they can do their best in a role. You can browse to know more about reviews

It provides training, skills, training, and feedback to make that person better for greater results. With that in mind, let's look at performance reviews.

What is a performance review?

Not circular, but if you review Google's performance, it's a performance review. We can do a little better than that. If you think about the results you want to achieve in your project, then that's the purpose.

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Basically, your goal is to work on results and results, and you need team members to do things to solve them. You decide on someone's role and the results that are their responsibility.

A review is a periodic check to evaluate performance and see how they perform and what support they need to get the job done.

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