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Lamborghini May Build a Four-Door Sports Car

When people think of the rampaging bull car company, Lamborghini, they usually don't imagine a four-door salon. That might change even though in the coming years. In an effort to grow its business, executives at the Lamborghini headquarters have dangerously flirted with the idea of building a four-door sports car that will compete with Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera. You can get to know more about Lamborghini 0-60, via visiting

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The Estoque concept car is certainly a beautiful car that is in line with the current Lamborghini style, but its acceptance among automotive enthusiasts is very diverse. Many fans hope that the company will remain true to itself and exclusively build 2-door supercars. The only problem with this is that the company must start increasing its profitability because otherwise, the raging bull could become extinct.

Porsche was in the same situation a few years ago and the company solved their problem by starting to sell the Porsche Cayenne SUV which became a very popular model. There are a number of people who naturally welcome the idea of buying a super sedan from a carmaker, and they are the people who hope that Lamborghini will help save the company.

At present, there is no strong evidence to show that Lamborghini will make this super sedan, but they have mentioned that they plan to introduce other models into the ranks of carmakers.

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