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Preparing a Popcorn Ceiling for Ceiling Tiles

There are two options for placing ceiling tiles into the popcorn ceiling. The simplest choice is to install polystyrene or Styrofoam tiles on the existing popcorn ceiling.

Preparing Styrofoam Tiles

If you take this approach, then you must be sure that the ceiling is sturdy and stable. If the surface is not suitable, then the extra weight of the tile and adhesive can cause popcorn to separate from the ceiling. You can also get drop ceiling installation in Toronto via Petro Home Renovations.

suspended ceiling installation

If the surface is not smooth, then Styrofoam tiles will form an uneven layer and a bad finish. If the surface is suitable, clean the room and place the protective cover on the floor.

Remove all light fixtures from the ceiling, and clean the popcorn ceiling to remove dust and dirt. Fill in important gaps to ensure that the adhesive will stick properly. Now that the ceiling is ready, Styrofoam tiles can be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Install Drop Ceiling

The second option is to install a ceiling drop. The grating system for drop ceiling can be installed directly into the popcorn ceiling using factory instructions, saving time and money in preparation. Because the popcorn ceiling is completely hidden, no further preparation is needed.

Removing Popcorn Ceilings

The last option is to completely remove the layer of popcorn, and replace it with new tiles stuck to the ceiling.

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