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Three Useful Plants Creating A Magnificent Ground cover In Your Garden

Designing and maintaining a beautiful garden is a constant concern for house owners, no matter the season and exterior landscaping became a real work of art for outdoor architects. We have magazines to get inspiration from, specialized websites and a lot of new ideas every season. Some gardeners prefer to style their gardens in a classic way, combining turf, flowers, shrubs and even trees in a pleasant manner, while others thrive to obtain a specific look and invest a lot of money in designing a Chinese style type of garden, a Tuscany one or even one with a tropical jungle look.

But besides turf, flowers, and shrubs, gardeners who want to add a little bit of creativity to their gardens can also opt for some plants that grow on large portions of space and low to the ground, forming real herbal carpets that can cover extensive patches of land. From planting these to adding a center – posted water fountain and some lighting, there are virtually no impediments to obtaining a special looking garden with little effort.

Preparing the ground

If you want to switch the regular green turf lawn with a colored, scented herbal carpet, the first thing you should do is to prepare the soil for the specific plants. The next ones aren’t so pretentious, but a fertile soil is necessary, together with a clean one. Make sure you don’t have some specific types of pests in your area that might threaten your garden and because the termite inspection cost is affordable, a termite bond might come in handy, especially if you plan to also have trees in the garden, besides the herbal carpet. Make sure wasps are far from your house and there’s no chance that mice find a new home on your territory. If you’re sure your future green pastures are safe from threats, let’s see the next three contenders to have in mind for embellishing your grounds.

Galium Odoratum (Sweet Woodruff)

This is a beautiful perennial plant which prefers fertile soils and a little shadow. This is a ground-covering plant releasing a spectacular fragrance. If you crush the leaves, they will emanate a scent similar to freshly mown hay. It has some medicinal uses too and due to its scent and flavor, it is used also as a condiment in sophisticated foods or even wine.

Ajuga (bugleweed/carpet bugle)

This is an amazing plant, including around 45 species and famous for its leaves and flowers. The leaves are round, with a glossy surface and colors ranging from gold to pink, white or purple, intertwined with the foliage’s dark green. The flowers are no less interesting, coming in blue, pink or white. Ajuga lives in the sun, but can manage shadow too and can withstand some foot traffic indecent levels. It has some medicinal uses too, as the infusion is still used in some biliary disorders or blood coughing.


This plant is one of the best examples of combining beauty with functionality. Thyme makes a beautiful ground cover, many of its almost 50 different species having aromatic properties. Besides its beautiful scented white or pink flowers, thyme is extensively used as a cooking condiment and a medicinal herb.

These three examples are not the only ones, but they combine aesthetic properties with “it’s good to have them around the house” coking or medicinal features. Other evergreen groundcovers include Australian fuchsia, wild ginger, wood fern or wood lily.

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