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Traffic Counters Helps In Counting Frequency Of Vehicles In Sydney

The halt in the crowd of vehicles is real makes someone feel like killing the time in an unwanted way. As such some devices help in countering the ill effects of jams and counting the traffic in multiple lanes.

The device is called traffic counter which when deployed at the proper locations according to the need of the project and the particular approach needed, you will be able to count traffic movement in different lanes. Traffic engineers can help us to make efficient traffic plan in Sydney to control the road traffic.

For counting traffic in multiple lanes is a challenge. It is quite a task to identify the traffic in the middle and far lanes without any data of the near lane affecting the result. In such cases, a pair of no count tubes can be employed so that you will have quick temporary data.

Signal Interfaced ATC Loggers

For long term needs one can utilize fiber optics and other sensors also. There are axle sensors available with which you can exactly measure the data regarding the classification of the vehicles and their speeds.

Signal ATC loggers can also help in detecting rail and traffic signals. You can do it as well by directly connecting the relevant signals or through passive optical sensing.

The sensors determine the volume of traffic, the traffic and also types of vehicles that were passed through the location. It is also possible to calculate the timing intervals of the signals with the identification of frequency of red or tail light running events.

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