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Useful Tips For Buying Children Bicycles

Generally, parents should pay attention to the following tips in purchasing children's bicycles. First, the instructions are the best instructors. You should check for product instructions. After purchase, you must strictly comply with product instructions for use and maintenance to ensure the safety of the use process.

Second, try choosing a stroller from one function. The structural design of a stroller with a single function is relatively scientific and makes sense. Children's bicycles include children's bicycles, children's tricycles, prams, and prams. You can also buy balance bikes for your children via

Parents must buy bikes for children according to various stages of their growth and needs. First, children's bicycles The age range of children's bicycles is for children aged 4 to 16 years. In purchasing, you must combine with the age and height of the child, choosing the right size bike.

Pay attention to the size of the handbrake lever, if the size is too large, children may not be able to hold the handbrake tightly when braking. Do not be free to remove the balance wheels of children's bikes when buying; Children's bicycle chain cover is very important, regardless of all kinds of chain guards, children must be prevented from easily running into chains as well.

Second, three-wheeled child. A child's tricycle must not have the possibility of damage to pinch points, movable moving parts, or active part gaps must be between 5 to 12mm to prevent injury to pinching a child's finger. In addition, pay attention to whether small parts of children's tricycle are safe. Third, baby strollers In addition to the outside corporate structure, you must pay attention to whether there is a key insurance device from the locking mechanism.

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