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Winter Pool Covers and Accessories

When the warm summer days are almost over, it is time to think about closing your pool on the ground and installing winter pool covers and accessories. A winter blanket prevents debris such as tree leaves from falling into your ground pool. Additional accessories such as air cushions ensure the cover stays in place.

When choosing a winter pool cover, it is best to choose a solid cover. It prevents leaves from falling into the water; only a solid lid helps to prevent algae from accumulating. Leaf nets allow rain and snow to melt into your pool, which may require additional pool chemicals. If you are looking for pool cover then you can explore

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Choose a winter size pool cover to fit your pool with overlapping edges. Some covers are made of special plastic such as Armorkote, a chemical-resistant material for swimming pools without colouring. Edges, seams and loops must be double-stitched to increase strength and longevity.

Air pillows are used with above ground pool and winter blankets. Air pillows create a bump in the middle of the pool under the cover. Use more than one air pillow in winter. This helps any rain, snow, ice or leaves that fall into the pool. You can easily clean everything that falls to the side if necessary.

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